Plot located at the highest points of the land, a more transparent and fluid house is proposed, surrounded by a series of balconies and large terraces, which is read as an element that floats on the land. All spaces can be connected to each other and face external terraces that are covered, for the most part, by a pergola with a geometric design made through slats. The filtering of the light made through these slats and the projection of its shadow on the floor, will further enrich these outdoor spaces. They are dynamic spaces, whose atmosphere changes throughout the day. The rooms are located in a more protected area of ​​the house. This house has another distinct element: the balconies, formed by a system of wooden joists, are completely permeable. They serve to create a transition space between the interior and exterior of the house.

Ref :
Area :
500 m²
Price :
933 000 €

Boutique Lisbon

Chiado - Rua Paiva de Andrada, 3

1200-310 Lisbon

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