In this lot, the proposal is a traditional patio house. The large central courtyard is completely surrounded by an interior corridor – it is through this that access to each of the spaces in the house. The patio, closed by sliding openings, can either be completely closed or open, providing cross ventilation to various spaces in the house. It is proposed that the patio is occupied by typical local vegetation, in order to create harmony with the place; olive trees, so important in the Alentejo landscape, will have a prominent place here. With an open deck area, where you can sunbathe. The living room, which includes a dining area and a TV viewing corner, faces south and consolidates itself as a space enclosed between exterior spaces: on the one side the central patio; on the other, the natural landscape.
It can open both to one and the other, transforming itself into outer space. It is proposed that the house be slightly off the ground, with straight and simple lines, and that its generous dimensions and possibilities of living spaces in different ways create fascinating memories.

Ref :
Area :
500 m²
Price :
970 000 €

Boutique Lisbon

Chiado - Rua Paiva de Andrada, 3

1200-310 Lisbon

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