Raise a family: Lisbon the second best city

Best Global City to Raise a Family

For families who are looking for the best cities to locate, Reykjavik in Iceland ranks first to raise a family. The study looked at the quality of life, crime rate index, number of outdoor activities, and number of local schools. Also, the cost of monthly childcare and the cost of monthly rent.

Lisbon follows Reykjavik in second place, boasting 480 outdoor activities, low crime rate levels and affordable monthly rental and bill costs at £1,200 for a three bedroom apartment in the city centre.

When moving to another city to raise a family, there are several aspects you need to take into consideration. From finance and childcare to attractions and general health, choosing the right city plays a vital role in the upbringing of your family.

CIA Landlord have looked into the best cities to raise a family, analysing the cost of rent, childcare and cost of bills alongside the number of schools, attractions, quality of life and pollution.

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