Portugal, a true Paradise by the sea, also implemented a series of fiscal, laboral and bureaucratic reforms making it one of the most attractive countries in Europe to live in and/or invest in.

Strategic Geographic Location with Access to Markets

With an excellent road, rail and port infrastructure, Portugal presents itself as an important gateway to the EU market. Also, being a bridge for many international routes having a good relationship and access to African Portuguese-speaking countries and American countries.


The prize for the best city to live, visit and do business has been awarded on a recurring basis to the two main Portuguese cities, Porto and Lisbon. Thanks to the relative geographical situation, the enviable climate, a high level of security and all the news that come daily: new restaurants, new hotels, opening new museums and launching exhibitions and various cultural events.

Towards Markets and Businesses with Competitive Costs

In addition to a stable and consolidated political system, Portugal is part of the European Monetary System, using the euro as a single currency. Also, it is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, 18th in the Global Peace Index, among 162 nations. It has a flexible workforce and adaptable to Europe finding a good educational level obtaining skilled jobs at competitive wages, joining generous tax incentives to those interested in investing. It also has a large and trustworthy network of public services at a competitive price.

Proactive Reforms

In recent years, Portugal has implemented – and continues to do so – a series of tax and labour reforms. Making this place one of the most attractive in Europe for investment, with a tax cut of 23% for companies.

Commitment to Education and Science

Having a developed and modern educational system, with high enrolment rates and a unique openness to foreign cultures, make Portugal the ideal country to live, study and work.

Urban Rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation Strategy for Lisbon 2011-2014 appear with the goal of renovating the old buildings of Lisbon taking advantage of the existent opportunities. All of this by associating it self with the incentive programs to urban rehabilitation with fiscal incentives, reductions, and tax exemptions.