The new Residence Visa for Digital Nomads, approved by the law 18/2022 of August 25, which changes the legal regime for the entry, stay, exit and expulsion of foreigners in national territory, came into force on October 30, 2022.

With the various changes foreseen, this new Visa enables its holder to reside in Portugal in order to work here, even remotely, for an individual or company with its domicile or head office outside national territory.

It is an evolution of the D7 Visa, aimed to retirees and passive income earners, which was largely used by Portuguese Consulates around the world to allow remote workers and service providers to legally reside in Portugal.

In addition to requiring the presentation of the general documents for any type of residence visa, the request will have to be accompanied by some more specific documents:

  • In situations of subordinate work, the employment contract or promise of employment contract and the employer’s statement proving the employment relationship will have to be presented.
  • In situations of independent professional activity, one of the following documents must be presented: a company contract, a services contract, a written proposal for a services contract, or a document demonstrating the services provided to one or more entities.

In addition, proof of average monthly income earned from employment or self employment in the last three months, which must be at least equal to four guaranteed minimum monthly wages, is also required, as well as the document attesting to tax residence.

For more information you may consult the law: or your lawyer.