Lisboa elegida como a Cidade Mais Feliz

At the first place of the ranking, Lisbon elected the Happiest City!

Lisbon is known for its sunny climate, offering more than 300 days of sunshine per year and its mild winters and thus taking the 6th place in the ranking. Out of 40 cities selected, Lisbon is in 16th position in terms of life expectancy, 6th in terms of cost of living and 21st in terms of working time.

Built on 7 hills, the picturesque and colorful architecture of the buildings give a unique charm to the Portuguese capital leading it, also, to the 4th position of the most beautiful cities in the world in the U City Guide ranking, a website dedicated to urban destinations.

From the Belem Tower to the São Jorge Castle, through the famous Chiado district and the Trade Square, the different tourist places and the Portuguese gastronomy attract many tourists every year. In addition, the friendliness of the inhabitants puts Lisbon in 2nd place.

It is relatively easy to enter Portugal. British and European citizens can stay in Portugal for an unlimited period of time, while non-Europeans can stay freely for up to 90 days, beyond which time a Schengen Visa or a residence permit is required.

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