Lisbon in the Best Gastronomy Destinations

Best Gastronomic Destinations in the World

Lisbon was in the top ten of the best gastronomic destinations according to the Traveller’s Choice of the TripAdvisor website. It climbed six positions compared to 2022, and is ranked 7th in the 2023 ranking of the best cities in the world to eat, which is led by Rome, the Italian capital, followed by Crete in Greece and Hanoi in Vietnam.

Every year the best destinations, hotels, restaurants and the routes preferred by travelers around the world are awarded. The ranking is carried out based on the opinions and comments that visitors to the platform leave throughout the year.

In terms of popularity, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, stands out as the world’s most popular destination, followed by Bali, in Indonesia and London, in the United Kingdom. The Portuguese capital closes this year’s Top 20.


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