Annual Global Retirement Index


Portugal has been named the best European destination for expats – retirees and others – to settle abroad! It was highlighted, among many other exceptional destinations, as one of the countries where you can live a healthier and happier life, spend less money and have a much better quality of life, in International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index.

Because of the announcement of the changes to the non-habitual resident regime and with the suspension of the Golden Visa program, it lost the top spot on the podium to Costa Rica. However, the great diversity of scenarios and the possibility and attractiveness of the different lifestyles convinced the International Living informants, who receive hundreds of opinions and real-life experiences every year.

From the vibrant capital of Lisbon to the Silver Coast, from Minho to the Algarve and the islands of Madeira and the Azores, Portugal turns out to be the ideal refuge for any type of person.
The evaluation highlighted the simplicity of the visa process, the absence of language tests for drivers, accessible healthcare and a population that is fluent in English, all of which are very important for those who want to start their lives again in a foreign country.

The fact that Portugal is consistently rated as one of the safest countries in the world, and that the population is generally very welcoming to older people, were also very important factors.

This country perfectly combines historical charm and cultural richness with all the most modern conveniences: it offers a good infrastructure and transport network, reliable public services and high-speed internet. Retiring in Portugal is not just a dream, but a financially viable option.

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