Safest Places To Travel 2024


Safety is one of the determining factors in people’s happiness and quality of life. It seems easy to indicate safe destinations, but there has been a strong evolution: a safe place was originally a place that was practically free of terrorist activities, then it became a place safe from disease outbreaks and today, it is a place where all types of people can move freely without discrimination or harassment.

Using the average of all the measures in the State of Travel Insurance survey, Berkshire Hathaway, Travel Protection has released a list of the safest countries for travelers in 2023-24:

1 Canada
2 Switzerland
3 Canada
4 Ireland
5 Netherlands
6 United Kingdom
7 Portugal
8 Denmark
9 Iceland
10 Australia
11 New Zealand
12 Japan
13 France
15 Spain
16 Brazil

Rank Last Year: 18

Large parts of the country are not heavily touristed, but even the cities have a high degree of orderliness and safety.

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