Lisbon Rises In The Barnes Global Property Handbook 2024 Rankings

The BARNES Global Property Handbook (GPH) 2024 has been released and it brings exciting news for the Portuguese capital. Lisbon has made significant progress in the rankings, securing its position among the top destinations for HNWIs and UHNWIs worldwide.

Top 10 ranking

Lisbon ranks 8th in the City Index, a notable advance on 2023 and one that underlines Lisbon’s growing attractiveness on the global stage, cementing its status as a destination of excellence both for establishing residency and for investors. In addition, 10th place in the “Top 20 Destinations to Watch in 2024” accentuates its attractiveness as a vibrant cultural scene, with an affordable cost of living and which has maintained high levels of stability and security. Other important aspects such as the effervescence of art galleries and luxury boutiques and the quality of the culinary offer throughout the country have attracted the attention of luxury seekers. 

A magnet for expats

Lisbon’s transformation into a multicultural center has not gone unnoticed, catapulting it to 6th place in the prestigious Barnes 2024 “Expat Cities” ranking. The influx of digital nomads has contributed to the city’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, fostering a dynamic environment that resonates with individuals looking for a new chapter abroad.

A tapestry of attractions

Lisbon’s charm extends beyond its cityscape, with the Tagus River and proximity to the ocean, and places like Cascais, bucolic Sintra and the hideaways of Comporta and Melides add to its allure. This rich tapestry of attractions, offering a blend of natural beauty, architectural and cultural richness, and with all the modern conveniences, positions Lisbon as a truly exceptional destination. 

With its vibrant culture, thriving real estate market and unparalleled lifestyle, Lisbon continues to solidify its position as one of the world’s most desirable cities in which to explore, live and invest.

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