LOVE: Yves Saint Laurent

LOVE – Marrakech opened my eyes to color – Yves Saint Laurent

LOVE is an exhibition that comes to life in the iconic Duques de Cadaval Palace in Évora, Portugal and is a testament to Yves Saint Laurent’s infinite love for the city of Marrakech.

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Born in Oran, Algeria, Yves Saint Laurent first visited Morocco in 1966 with his partner Pierre Bergé and marked the beginning of the French designer’s enchantment with Morocco. This passion gave birth to fabulous iconic pieces, offering the fashion world a new aesthetic approach to exotic influences.

The great couturier will say: “this city taught me color, and I embraced its light, its insolent mixtures and its fiery inventions”.

The LOVE exhibition relates this passion for Morocco in 3 distinct chapters and can be visited until October 30th.

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